Crystal Meth Stories You Wont Believe!


The stories you are about to read, are true. The names have been changed, to protect the, well, other parties. I do not expect you to believe my stories. Well, let me change that. If you have not partied on crystal meth, then I do not expect you to believe my stories. If you have used meth hardcore and as long as I have, perhaps you will believe my stories. Perhaps not. Either way, I think you will find my stories interesting to read. I can only promise you, the reader this, these stories are true as best I can remember them. I don’t lie and I don’t embellish.

A few readers suggested I write a book. Thanks, you are too kind. I am not a writer, I simply want to let others know the truth about the effects of crystal meth. if i can prevent others from meth, and entertain along the way, well, heck, that would be pretty cool!

This is a new blog, started in January 2013. I was straight until about 10 years ago(age 42). Since, I have had sex with women, men and transsexuals. I started partying with meth in 2009. At first, I smoked and snorted meth, then in 2011, I started  slamming(Injecting).

 It is now August 2014, and I quit meth from  October 2013 to february 2014. I partied again from march 2014 to July 2014.    Fortunately, I have had a few “cravings” for meth, but thus far. I have kept the bitch(Tina) away. I hope and pray this continues. However, I am realistic, and know controlling my addiction will be a life-long ordeal, and that 4 months is but a very small amount of time away from the bitch, Tina. But heck, it’s a pretty good start.

Since starting meth in 2009, my longest span of not using was about 4 weeks. At the end of that time, the very thought of meth would make me salivate and shake.  Honestly, after 2 weeks of not using, the mere thought of meth and sex would have my chops salivating and my loins shaking and cock twitching! Now, the thought of using meth is simply not appealing. And the thought of wasting time with the losers I used to party with makes my stomach turn 10,000  different ways, it really does!

I know meth is a tough drug to quit. During my 5 years of partying, I witnessed addicts whose lives were in all stages of addiction. Some were homeless. Many had no vehicle.  Almost all lived in an apartment with roommates, who all partied. I have met addicts who stole from me  sometime during their stay at my hotel room,  probably to sell the stolen item to buy meth.  To see a grown adult hopelessly addicted to meth is quite sad and tragic, it really is. I am only too well-aware that I am a lucky man to have, thus far, escaped the clutches of meth and escaped with my life in-tact.

After having things stolen, I finally realized a few common traits of the perps(Yes, I love cop shows)….1) The trick would arrive at my hotel room with numerous overnight bags and would ask to use my shower, almost immediately, 2) They could not host, 3) They had no vehicle,  4) They did not have any tina to chip-in for our party, and 5)They had no cash to chip-in for the party supplies. These were bad signs when combined and I realized that those that stole from me, seemed to have these traits in common. After I implemented my ‘no party rule” with those who shared these traits, it seems my theft problems vanished!

I am so damned lucky, let me explain what I mean. I lived about 1 hour away from Los Angeles, and when I partied, I went to Los Angeles, partied for a few days, then went home. This was for a couple reasons, 1)I did not know where to buy meth near my hometown,  and 2) One of my rules was that I would only party in Los Angeles, not at home nor near my home, and 3) I was a binge addict, I would party and have sex for a few days, get my fill, then head home.

I was not only a meth addict, I was a sex addict(Well, technically I still am a sex and meth addict). But, I was a binge sex and meth addict. Unlike many of the transsexuals and guys I partied with, meth and sex were not a daily thing for me. I would go to LA for 1-4 days, party, get it out of my system, and go home and lead a clean life for 1-3 weeks, then go back to LA and start the unhealthy cycle all over  again! Honestly, after 3 days of sex and meth, I would be sick of both and could not wait to get the hell out of LA.

I still find it amazing that many  of the people I partied with would party on an almost daily basis. Many of these addicts told me they would wake-up and smoke some meth to get their day going. Those who did not have to work, would then troll for sex and do it all over again.   It really is quite sad and pitiful. But, like I said before, meth is a very addictive drug. I had experimented with pot, cocaine, G and ecstacy, and they never really appealed to me, nor did I get anywhere near hooked on any of these drugs, I’m not joking, meth is very unforgiving and addictive.

But meth is different. In my opinion, it has some addictive quality that makes it very difficult to stop. Plus, think about this, men are generally pretty fucking horny.  When a man gets high on meth,  the hormones instantly bubble and sex is imminent.  When you have sex addicts partying on meth with other sex addicts, well, you have lots of sex, and lots of unprotected sex.

I started smoking meth in 2009, and in 2012, I slammed(Injected) meth for the first time. After that first slam, my sex and meth addictions rocketed to a different level. If you read the statistics on slamming meth, I think they say 8 out of 10 who slam once will become a hardcore addict. There is no feeling like slamming. In fact, after I started slamming, smoking was not appealing to me. It was slamming, as smoking did not give me anywhere the same high as a slam.

For me, the slamming experience was very intense. For instance, the instant the needle came out of my vein, I would literally jump on the bed more than ready to have a mouth on my cock. I am serious, it was seconds. Slamming and not having a mouth on my cock for for more than 10 seconds was hell on earth, I am not exaggerating……….it was that fast and that intense, and instantly turned me into a slut!

Anyways,  meth changes EVERYONE’S personality. For me, I  became stupid horny, I did not like to go outside(This was due  to the fact I knew I was high I wanted no trouble  wanted ZERO contact with Police), and I simply wanted to be naked having sex. I never got paranoid, nor overly hyper-active. Many people get paranoid and overly hyper-active.  And many who slam can get really weird and scary!

I met this guy, Joe,  on very popular site for gay  men who fuck with no condoms, or bareback). Joe was hosting, and told me he knew how to admin(Inject), so I went to Joe’s place in Hollywood.  We talk for a few minutes, then went into his bedroom, wherein we both get naked and he starts making up the rigs(Mixing crystal with water and putting the solution in a syringe). So, Joe slams me then himself, we are having sex, when all of a sudden he sits up and says “Hold on, I hear someone.” He then puts a towel around his waste and goes in the front room, and comes back and says, “Someone is in my apartment, the window is open and he is in here somewhere”, Joe’s eyes kept darting all over the place as if he kept hearing something.  I heard nothing. So, I get dressed and walk around the apartment and nobody is inside, all doors and windows were locked. I came back in the room and told Joe, but his eyes were still darting around, and he swore someone was in the apartment. After a few minutes, we were naked again fucking around, when he says “Wait, I hear something, someone is under the bed.”.  So, I reply “Just be still and be quite, let me take a look,”  I crawl under the bed, start yelling “get out of here” and started pushing the bed up and down and shaking the hell out of the bed. After about 60 seconds,  I crawl out from under the bed and Joe was now shaking. I told Joe that yes there was a guy under the bed, but that I killed the guy.  Joe started crying, so I immediately told him I was joking, and there was nobody under the bed nor in the apartment. Joe did not find this funny and he went into the front room, sat on the couch, eyes darting all over the place, listening for noises. I was still high, but realized Joe was a lost cause, went on,. and found another guy who could host nearby. I showered, got dressed, and found Joe cowering on the couch still convinced someone was in his apartment. I left and slutted-around with another trick.

That is an example of paranoia of someone who slams. generally, I have seen this type of paranoia when someone slams too much and too often and/or when they have been up partying for too long and their mind simply plays tricks on them. It is not good.

But that story about Joe is just the tip of the iceberg. I have many, many stories for you that you wont believe. I certainly know I would not believe some of my stories unless I had been there myself. And if you would of told me 10 years ago that I would be sticking needles in  my veins, and staying up for days on end having sex with men, and transsexuals,  I would have searched for the nearest insane asylum and taken you there personally,and paid for your extended stay there as well!

I met a guy, Eggie  on in 2012.  and we seemed to hit it off right from the start. We got along, in my opinion, for the following reasons: 1) I liked asians,  and Eddie is asian, 2) Eggie likes whites, I am white, 3) We both slammed, and 4) The sex was great, at first.

After partying and playing in hotels on 3 different occasions, Eggie invited me to his house, as I checked us out of the hotel, and I was not sure if I was going to stay in LA or head home, 60 miles away from Los Angeles. My brain was basically numb after slamming for a couple days, and I found it hard to make a decision. So, Eggie takes me to his home on Bedford Street in Los Angeles.

4 gay “men” share the house on Bedford (The real name is not bedford,but I have changed the name of the street as well as the name of the 4 inhabitants to protect their privacy. This household and the men who live there are very-well known in the meth and gay bareback circles in Los  Angeles. If I were to use the real name of the steet, or their first names,  I would feel bad, as gay men in Los Angeles would instantly know of whom I am writing).

At bedford, I was introduced to a household unlike anything I could ever imagine!  This was a household that was so bizarre, that I simply must describe the household and the 4 gay men here to you now,to wet your appetite for the stories to come. It will kinda set the stage for the unbelievable stories I will share!

There are 4 gay men that live on Stepford,  I will describe each. I know this household well, as I spent many days and nights there. I once spent about 45 straight days and nights there, partying and repairing the house on Stepford. My stay at Stepford took me to the lowest place I have been in my life. If there is a hell on earth, it was staying at Stepford for 45 days, having to interface with 3 full-blown sex and meth addicts on a daily basis, and the man who funds the operation who thinks he is doing the “right thing” all the while enabling the household to engage in meth and sex on a daily basis.  It was after I left Stepford that I knew my meth days were numbered. I did not want to be like any of these men, and it was clearly obvious to me that they were all extremely unhappy, and I knew if I kept slamming meth, I would be like them, and that scared the hell out of me, I swear it did!

But the scariest aspect of Stepford, was watching the only sober person in the house, the money behind Stepford, knowingly wreck lives, by buying drugs and allowing the use of drugs in the house. As you will see, he ruined his husband’s life, by making sure he never had to work and giving him money for drugs, now he is doing the same thing to a young man in his 20′s. What makes this all the worse,is that this man, because he is sober, thinks he is always right. He thinks he is smarter than everyone else. He has me fooled until about the 3rd time i stayed there, I then knew this man was sick. This man was so insecure, that his way of keeping men in his life, his household, was to feed them drugs and support their lifestyles so they would not have to work,simply drugs sex and crashing at Stepford. A truly sick man!

I swear, if a person wanted to quit meth, one hell of a good way to get them to quit would be to force them to stay at Stepford  for 10 days and witness the  disgusting behavior of each and every one of these sex and meth addicts, and the guy who enables their addictions. 

Stepford is located in Los Angeles in a nice, middle-class neighborhood. It is a normal-looking spanish-style home, consisting of a 3 bedroom 1 bath house in front, and a garage in the rear that has been partially converted into a sex and meth playroom, with 1 room consisting of a large bed that spans the width and length of the room, 1 small “closet”(Eggie lives in the closet, about 3 feet wide by 6 feet long), a bathroom and a kitchen.  The main house sits in front, with a driveway running from the street to the side of the house all the way back to the garage.

2 men live in the front house, Trick and Dummy. Trick has the master bedroom, Dummy has the guest bedroom, and between their rooms is an office and bathroom. Trick is married to Toothless, who lives in the rear house.

Eggie and Toothless live in the rear house, or playroom.

Eggie is a 30-something, HIV+ trick who I met on, and we were regular slam and fuck buddies. He holds a part-time, low paying job in the retail industry.  Eggie does not pay for rent, food, utilities, nor his  smart phone bill.  He knows where his bread is buttered, and he has told me so on numerous occasions. He calls Trick and Toothless his uncle, yet he fucks Toothless on occasion, go figure! 

Eggie is by far the horniest person I have met to date, it is non-stop. I truly think Eggie could set a Guinness world record for having the biggest black book in the gay community. It’s amazing how many texts Eggie  receives,  at all hours of the day and night from his fuck-buddies. It really is quite comical and amazing to witness. It really is non-stop. 

One good trait of Eggie’s is that he does not steal and he is quite honest. Plus, when he is not in a foul mood(90% of the time he is in a foul mood), he really is quite funny. I understand his foul moods, he is a slave to meth and sex, his life is a viscious cycle of sex and meth, and his life is in shambles. His job is low-paying and part-time, and he sleeps in a closet. Poor fellow!

One very bad trait of  Eggie’s is his communication skills. They really are equivalent to that of a 6th grader.  Let me give you one example. During a stay at Stepford, Eggie suggested we go to breakfast, this was about 8AM. I said fine, about what time will we go?  Well, time is a funny thing with Eggie. One time, he told me that time does not matter, things happen when they happen. The truth is, Eggie has an extreme case of Attention Deficit Dis-order, he simply cannot concentrate on anything for very long.  So, when you mention time to Eggie, it sets him off, it means nothing to him. Me, I am more aware of other people, and value my time as well as their time.  Eggie and I were direct opposites.

So, I asked Eggie if he would give me a general idea when we will leave, 9? 930? 10? This pissed him off, LOL. can you imagine an adult getting angry because he was asked what time we would be leaving for breakfast?  So, I would simply get ready, and wait around, while Eggie took 1.5 hours to shower and get dressed. His ADD had him doing a hundred different things before he was ready. Very sad. He would not communicate with me what time I could expect to leave.

Let me give you another example. Lets say Eggie was going to get off the bed, and turn on the television, and get back on the bed to smoke some dope. It might take him 5 minutes to get off the bed, on the way to the television, he would grab something, come back to the bed, and I would remind him to turn the television on. He would get back up, and perhaps do the same thing again and again. And, I am not kidding. I learned that his mind is spun from all the drugs,but he was an overall honest guy. But the poor bastard simply had the attention span of a 3 year old toddler.

Eggie’s job at Stepford is simple, he helps take care of Toothless, and buys and sells the drugs. He also is responsible for giving Dummy and Toothless drugs when they run-out. You see, Eggie hid and locked the drugs in a secure place so toothless and Dummy would not getin the drugs and use them all up before trick was ready to float another few thousand dollars for more drugs for the boys!

To be quite honest, Eggie is in heaven at Stepford. Trick has designed Stepford to be a sex and meth heaven for Eggie, Toothless and Dummy. Think about this, he lives for free,  has constant access to drugs,  can have sex whenever he wants,  pays nothing to live there, and gets to sell drugs that someone else pays for and makes a commission on his sales. This is a sex and  meth addicts heaven on earth!

Trick is a 50-something gay male, and the owner of Stepford. Trick is married to Toothless.  Trick lives in the front house and Toothless lives in the rear house.  They do not sleep in the same bed nor house, and there is zero intimacy. Trick uses Toothless for occasional “companionship”: and Toothless has always used trick for his money. Trick does not use meth, he is the “sane” person in the household, and he has the money, pays all the bills, and keeps the other 3 boys in line. Trick pulls the strings that hold the purse, he keeps the household “functioning”, and he loves the drama that Toothless and Dummy create on an almost daily basis.

Trick is not a happy human being, spending all his time in his bed watching television, cooking/baking, or putting-out fires for Toothless or Dummy. Trick is essentially a babysitter of the Stepford boys. Trick is extremely overweight, and smells quite bad.

Trick is very needy and does whatever it takes to make Toothless and Dummy “happy”.  My definition for happy as it relates to Toothless and Dummy means that Trick makes sure both Dummy and Toothless have ample crystal meth, so they can invite guys over to get high and have bareback sex.

Trick was one of the rare ones who worked smart and hard, and saved and invested for his retirement. He has made it known to me on several occasions that he is worth about $2.4 Million.

Trick is the typical cheap New York Jew, except when it comes to making sure Toothless and Dummy have their meth and whatever else they may need. When it comes to Dummy and Toothless, Rick is very generous. In all other matters, he is a very tight man.

What I never understood was this,Trick invested wisely and  is now retired and financially comfortable. But, he allows meth to be used and sold in his household on a daily basis. Eggie sells meth to offset the huge drug expenses incurred by the household.  Trick surely knows what would happen if law enforcement were to raid the household. And if you saw the shady characters Dummy and Toothless invite over, you would understand why there is constantly drama, and why things are often stole from the household. But theft does not matter,nor do the police. Trick makes sure Dummy and Toothless are getting high and having sex.

Now what I am going to say is not only tragic, but also very sad, in my opinion.  From what I was told, Trick is very afraid of being alone. So, to keep Dummy and Toothless living there at Stepford, he has to keep them doped-up and addicted to meth. He also has to make sure the household caters to Dummy and Toothless so they have plenty of space and time to invite their tricks over for sex. It really is quite evident that this is true, and I will tell you some stories in later blog posts that will give real life examples of what I say.

Trick’s husband, Toothless, has tried to commit suicide on three separate occasions. Yet, Trick continues to feed his husband meth and other drugs. Is this the sign of a happy person or a decent, loving relationship?

It really is quite sick how Trick destroyed the life of Toothless, and is now doing the same to Dummy. Toothless has attempted suicide 3 times and is a very sick man. If and when Toothless is gone, Dummy will be there for Trick. I can see the writing on the wall, so can others.

Dummy is a 20-something white male. He is extremely pale and skinny, with rotting teeth, very sickly-looking., HIV+.  Dummy lives in the spare bedroom in the front house. He does not work,  but has the latest smartphone, Apple computers, flat screen TV and a newer car. Trick makes sure of this.

Dummy is the typical gay queen, he talks in a very feminine voice with the “lisp”,  he flips his wrist around like a feminine girl, and is constantly bitching and complaining about something.

Here is an example of 1 week of Dummy’s life. Monday-Wednesday, meth and sex with perhaps 5 men per day.  On Thursday, he will crash in his room, and he will come out of his room, every now and then, to eat, use the restroom, or go in Trick’s room and bitch and moan about something. It’s usually money-related, and Trick always gives Dummy what he wants. Friday-Sunday, partying and sex with 4-6 people per day, then crash again. This goes on day after day, and week after week, month after month. Talk about a viscious cycle!

Trick makes sure Dummy’s lifestyle is undisturbed and makes damn sure Dummy never runs out of meth. It really is unbelievable!

When Dummy wants something(Always money-related), and Trick does not give it to him, Dummy will lock himself in his room and threaten suicide. I have seen it many times, and it really is quite comical. Dummy does not have the guts to end his life, but he knows Trick will sit at his door like a little puppy dog and beg and plead for Dummy to not commit suicide. Then Trick will succumb to Dummy’s financial wants, and Dummy will come out all happy and peachy. I swear, it really is pitiful!

Trick is on his way to wrecking another life in Dummy. It is almost there, as Trick has got Dummy;s mind so scrambled from drugs, Dummy could not hold a job nor could he function at any place of employment. Trick’s master plan is working.

Toothless, is a 50-something  HIV+ white male who has been married to Trick for 20 plus years. He and Trick, although married, no longer live in the same house, have zero intimacy, and from what I have been told, have only had sex a handful of times with one another!

Toothless personally told me he has attempted suicide on three separate occasions. His husband of over 20 years, Trick, knows this, yet Trick continues to buy drugs for Toothless. 

I call him Toothless, because his poor hygiene and his constant use of meth for so many years, rotted all his pearly whites. And I mean every single tooth. The many does not have a single tooth in his mouth. Well, he did get implants(Thanks Trick), so he does have fake teeth.

Toothless is the most selfish human being I have met in my life.  His life is sex and meth, then tweaking and tearing his playroom apart and re-building what he has destroyed.  He has torn-apart and re-built his playroom for 5 years, and there is no end in sight. His construction work, if you can call it that, is the most half-ass and shoddy work you will ever see from an adult. I swear a 3rd grader could pick-up some tools and do a job equal to that of Toothless’ “construction work.” It really is that bad. I would always laugh to myself at his work.

Let me give you an example of Toothless craftsmanship.  One time he put a 2″ x 4″ beam across the garage. Now, a normal person would measure the length of span, measure a piece of wood that would cover the span, and attach either end to some sort of fastener that would fasten to the wall. now, this is funny, I swear to God I am laughing right now envisioning this monstricity. Lets say the length of the span were six feet, well, Toothless nailed and screwed together about 12 different pieces of 2 x 4′s, and there must have been over 100 nails and screws in all sorts of angles and depths. It really is comical. In fact, you would have to see this work to believe that a grown adult can do such horrible and ridiculous work. And the most comical thing about this beam, is that if I were to hang a Nerf basketball rim on the beam, the bean would probably collapse in 12 different pieces and fall to the ground!

The funny thing about Toothless, is that he has 2 tools that are constantly going, his cordless drill and his table saw. I would estimate that when Toothless is on a tweaking roll, he will be at that saw perhaps 30-40 times in a 4 hour period. Sometimes, he will make a cut, go to his work area, then be right back making another cut within 1-2 minutes. This can go on for hours. This is tweaking on steriods!

Every day, Toothless would tweak, and start tearing something apart. By about 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the garage and his playroom would be in shambles, like a hurricane came through the place. And everyday at about 4PM, Trick goes out and totally cleans up the  mess. Often times Trick would be cleaning the mess while Toothless would be getting high and having sex with a guy in his playroom. No kidding!  This mess and clean-up goes on about 6 days per week, no kidding!

Sometimes, Toothless would be in his playroom with some dude, and Trick would casually walk-in and start talking to Toothless as this poor sap would be fucking his husband, Toothless,bareback! I am not joking. These guys are seriously living the most bizarre lives!

Toothless’s only concern is that he gets high and get’s fucked, then he tweaks, tears stuff up, makes a mess, then repeats. Nobody else matters, including his husband Trick.

Trick makes sure that Toothless gets what he wants!

I found it odd, as Trick is rather selfless, while Toothless is totally selfish.

So, this is the end of my first blog post. On the upper left you will see future posts.

I will be sharing stories with you that only a hardcore meth and sex addict would MAYBE believe.

I truly was a pitiful human being when I was high. I am fortunate I was able to finally stop,  look at myself in the mirror and be honest with myself. I really hated the person Ihad become. To know that you are hooked on a drug that you can’t is a horrible and helpless feeling.

I remember a book I read many years ago, and the author said “The quality of one’s life is in direct proportion to the quality of questions one asks of themselves.” I kept asking myself how my life would be in a few years if I kept slamming meth and hanging out with losers. My answer was and is crystal clear.

So, stay-tuned for some unbelievable stories I will share while partying on meth around Hollywood and Los Angeles.

In the future, I will open the blog for others to write tell their stories. It will be fun!





  1. please write more! i’ve been there with the slamming. thankfully by the grace of G-d i’m not hiv positive as you mentioned a lot in your meth tales. I’m now clean for 1 year but I kind of “get off” reading these stories .. how “close to him” they hit.

    much respect, and excellent writing skills!
    i would definitely buy a book if you decide to write a memoir of sorts. :)

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